Version Release date Changes
Jul 29, 2019• Add ability to center a view on a satellite or observer using the right-click context menu from a view's corresponding property tab
• Add optional Julian date parameter to LON_LAT_ALT connection command
• Correctly round displayed times to nearest second in some textual views
• Update satellite TLEs, groups, and owners
 Apr 18, 2019• Add connection commands to modify, reset, and retrieve a view's time offset
• M2RC2800PRKX2SU enhancement to correctly handle N-Center configuration
• M2RC2800PRKX2SU enhancement to issue Stop commands based on target and movement direction to increase tracking efficiency
• M2RC2800PRKX2SU enhancement to provide user option for restricting auto-calibration based on time available before AoS
• Prevent Tracking View Properties tabs from closing when hitting Enter
• Update the NASA NAIF SPICE Toolkit to N0066 (April 10, 2017)
• Update satellite TLEs, groups, owners, and launch sites
Aug 1, 2018• Add ability to add satellites to, and remove satellites from, a view via the Connections interface
• Prevent drag-and-drop of satellite or observer when dragging view's center position
• Add "Planet" and "Spire" to the satellite groups
• Update the installed satellite TLE data
Apr 27, 2018• Fix problem with displaying of constellation shapes in radar view
• Remove support for the Google Earth API as it is no longer supported by Google
• Update from version 3.26 to 3.30 of the Google Maps JavaScript API
• Clarify Connections documentation for requirement of null-terminated strings Jan 11, 2018• Update political and geographical boundary information. Use GIS shapefiles (.shp) in place of Arcinfo interchange files (.e00) to reduce space requirements
• Update city information and restrict to cities with a population of over 5000 to reduce space requirements
• Fix problem (in Windows 7 and newer) with reporting the size and position while resizing and/or repositioning a view
Dec 1, 2017 • Add ability to move center of map views with a mouse drag operation
• Add ability to change viewing angle of spherical view with mouse wheel
• Add ability to accelerate/decelerate view's passing of time via menu or shortcut
• Fix potential crash when dropping an observer onto the Listing or Passes views
Jul 23, 2017• Institute delay between the end of a pass and the parking operation, in case a remote client is simply transferring control to another pass
• For the 'M2RC2800P [New]' rotor controller check that the direction of motion is as expected, else issue a 'STOP' command so that the commanded position will be updated
• Fix problem with saving and loading of the spherical view across sessions
Mar 16, 2017 • Fix problem with registration of product from within Tracker 
• Fix problem in Tracking view with advanced rotator offsets not being respected Jan 27, 2017 • Fix problem with communication with Space-Track

Dec 9, 2016 • Add support for Solar Sytem bodies (Sun, Moon, and other planets) in most views
• Add support for a decays view, which gives predicted and historical satellite re-entry information based on data from Space-Track
• Add support for a SATCAT Boxscore view, summarizing the total number of satellites by status and country
• Add option to choose between UTC and the system defined time zone
• Add ability to re-order the columns in textual views

• Add option to download satellite catalog (satcat) data from Space-Track and CelesTrak

• Add option to delete decayed satellites based on satcat data

Update the NASA NAIF SPICE kernels, including the leapseconds kernel for the positive leap second added at end of day (midnight) on December 31, 2016
• Add support for 'Cylindrical - Google Maps' view on 64-bit platforms
• Add tooltips for observers and satellites in 'Cylindrical - Google Maps' view
• Update the searchable list of places in the Search tab of the Observers dialog and significantly reduce the number of entries
• Set the Google Maps JavaScript API version to v=3.24, to ensure changes to the API do not impact functionality
Feb 15, 2016 • Add support for a WebGL version of the spherical view
• Add support for a WebGL version of the cylindrical, elliptical, Robinson, sinusoidal, and radar views
• Remove the 'Spherical - Google Earth' view as the Google Earth API has been deprecated by Google.( "Note: The Google Earth API has been deprecated as of December 12th, 2014. The API will continue to work on supported browsers until December 12th, 2015, and will shut down on that date."
• Remove "Yesterday", "Two days ago", and "Three days previous" options from Space Weather view as these are no longer supplied by NOAA in JSON format
• Ensure that in the Tracking view the currently selected rotor is released when the selected rotor is set to <None>
Jun 1, 2015 • Add support for top-level views within Tracker, allowing the use of multiple displays
• Add label option to the existing Clock view
• Add Clock view which provides a large analog time display
 Add TRACKING_STATUS_EXT0 connection command which reports whether the currently tracking satellite is within the horizon mask of the observer
 Add support for the Orbital 2.4AEBP rotor controller
Jan 28, 2015 • Prevent crash when updating satellite with TLE epoch before 1970
Jan 27, 2015• Add Space Weather view based on the NOAA Space Weather Scales
• Update support for messages from NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) following the transition to their new website on December 9th, 2014
• Update NOAA SPWC websites linked to from Tracker
• Set the default serial number at installation to 111-1111111: the serial number for the demo mode
• Enhance performance for views with a large number of symbols, lines, or text items added through connection commands
• Restrict the number of queued responses to a connection to prevent unlimited memory consumption
• Incorporate "30 Aug 10  david vallado" changes into the SGP4 model for improved performance
Sep 17, 2014 • Add Update group membership for TLE updates and update documentation
• Update the NASA NAIF SPICE Toolkit to N0065 (July 23, 2014)
• Update satellite database
• Add "Combined TLE age (days)" column to the near collisions view
• Make satellites and observers dialogs resizable
• Use feedback from the 'Rot2Prog' rotor controller to set the degrees per impulse values
• Rename 'Rot2Prog' rotor control interface 'SPID Rot2Prog'
• Restore toolbar positions and states when Tracker starts
• Add Clock view which provides a large digital date and time display
Jul 15, 2014  • Increase maximum number of satellites allowed in tracking view from 10 to 25
• Add support for messages from NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
• Move download to Dropbox May 19, 2014  • Add a cylindrical view based on Google Maps
• Modify tracking log file naming convention from yyyy-dd-mm to yyyy-mm-dd. Users with existing log files should change the file folder or name to avoid having them appended to
• Fix tracking view deadband values not being respected
• Add ability to sort satellites in the tracking view using drag-and-drop
Mar 6, 2014  • Patch for DirectX 11 spherical view

Mar 3, 2014 • Add ability to specify elevation angles for footprint outlines for many visual views
• Add altitude view, that plots altitude against longitude or latitude
• Improve rotor tracking algorithm when limits exceed a range of 360 degrees

Nov 5, 2013 • Update satellite database
• Add option to Tracking view to log commanded rotor positions without offsets
• Add color and size options for timestamp when saving images and movies
• Report Rot2Prog rotor control interface COM port configuration correctly
• Fix satellite paths not being correctly obscured by the Earth in DirectX 11 spherical view
May 3, 2013

• Add baud rate configuration to the Rot2Prog rotor controller interface
• Save configuration settings for the ERC-R rotor controller interface
• Prevent program crash when deleting satellites from the Tracking view  Feb 25, 2013 • Add option to display time-stamp in created videos
• Add support for changes to TLE updates
Nov 16, 2012 • Add 0.25 degrees/impulse setting to the Rot2Prog rotor controller interface
• Read response packets from the Rot2Prog rotor controller interface
• Add SATCAT Boxscore to list of websites
• Add support for for TLE updates [beta]
• Add ability to center view on satellite or observer using context menu or keyboard shortcut
• Add spherical view based on the Google Earth Plug-in [beta]
• Add ability to specify direction dependent rotor offsets
Jul 11, 2012 • Make terminator configurable in graphical views
• Make background colors configurable in textual views
• Minor fix of view for passes summary when scrolling backward in time
• Update observer database
• Update satellite database

Mar 28, 2012  • Save added time servers under Windows 7
• Support adding of annotation objects to graphical views from remote client
• Minor fix of view for near collisions Dec 29, 2011 • Add support for DirectX 11
• Integrate with User Account Control (UAC) for Vista and newer
• Add support for ERC-R (Easy-Rotor-Control) rotor controller Oct 25, 2011 • Move to NAIF SPICE system for Solar System dynamics
• Add Iridium flare predictions
• Link statically to runtime components for simpler installation Apr 18, 2011 • Add support for DirectX 10
• Add support for user-defined websites
• Use SSL for Space-Track connection Feb 9, 2011 • Critical fix for saving of sessions Jan 19, 2011 • Add documentation for Connections Jan 11,2011 • Maintenance release Jan 1, 2011 • Move download to Google Docs Dec 14, 2010 • Add view for near collisions
• Added support for horizon masks Dec 9, 2008 • First release