Tracker provides the next generation of real-time satellite tracking software for Windows, allowing the user to quickly and easily track any number of satellites in a variety of graphical and textual formats.

Whether you need a robust and powerful tracking program for your satellite mission, or are just interested in what is in orbit around us, Tracker is the program for you.

Among other features STL Tracker provides:

    • powerful and intuitive interface

    • flexible and extensive configuration options

    • fast and accurate algorithms

    • large selection of graphical and textual views

    • ability to save images and movies (registered version only)

    • ability to save and load sessions (registered version only)

    • links to the NSSDC for detailed satellite information

    • links to the NOAA SWPC for space weather conditions and alerts

    • updates TLEs from CelesTrak, Space-Track, and local or remote files

    • supports creation of horizon masks

    • ability to display dates and times in UTC or the local time zone

A screenshot of Tracker, showing just a few of the views available:

A screenshot of Tracker, showing just a few of the views available